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what does a girl have to do?

endorphins, they're miniature dolphins you know

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Birthdate:Jun 19
Location:London, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
This journal is Friends Only. Yes I know its only writing guff on the internet but it started as a way to keep in touch with people I'd talk rubbish to down the pub and since editing x years of guff is beyond me its staying that way.

Other thrilling policy issues...I do NOT use real names on the internet, I won't use yours, so don't use mine. If I wanted to link the two my username would be my real name wouldn't it...its not, so don't.

Should you choose to friend me - do tell me why as I won't add you if you don't, unless we've gotten together in RL and said ooh we must add each other, which I don't really do these days.

My current dwelling place is London, I work in a job where I am paid for doing things, I read, I listen to music, I eat, I sleep, I get out a reasonable amount, I like the human pursuits - eating, drinking, pillaging the planets natural resources and thinking about ways to mitigate the damage. I like laughter, a lot, more please.

Interests (150):

20th century history, accents, alcohol, ann patchett, armistead maupin, art, atheism, barcelona, beer, ben folds five, books, boots, british politics, brunch, cake, cds, cheese, chillis, cinema, cities, clean kitchens, clothes, clubbing, cocktails, coffee, cooking, coriander, csi, curry, dancing, dark pubs, david bowie, day-dreaming, dogs, douglas coupland, dusty springfield, duvets, early beach mornings, edith piaf, elmore leonard, eyelashes, feminism, film noir, flip flops, flirting, food, foreign films, fretting, friends, fun, funk, g&t, gaudy makeup, gender, george orwell, gin, good hair days, growing stuff, heat, hedwig-and-the-angry-inch, history, hugs, ian banks, iggy pop, imaginery worlds, introspection, jake arnott, james ellroy, jazz, kenickie, kissing, kristin hersh, late nights, laughter, lazy home improvement, le tigre, libraries, listening, live music, london, lots of fruit, lounging, mad men, making, mary janes, mascara, men, milky tea, mr scruff, munificence, museums, never-up-dating my profile, newspapers, nick cave, nina simone, noir, northern soul, novels, old friends, paint, people watching, photography, pj harvey, plants and trees, pleasant smells, pool, pop culture, popbitch, poptastic, procrastinating, psoriasis, pubs, radio 4, random glances, raymond chandler, reading, really bright colours, red dwarf, regeneration trilogy, rocky horror show, roller derby, secret garden party, sex, sexuality, shoes, sleep, smuttiness, socialism, some like it hot, stevie wonder, street art, subtitles, sunlight, swearing, t.v., taking pictures, talking all night, talking heads, terry pratchett, thai food, the last seduction, the pixies, the west wing, the young paul newman, toast, tori amos, uncontrollable urges, window boxes, wings of a dove, york
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